Complete Contact Lens Service in Canal Winchester

See the world more clearly and experience life without glasses by visiting Eyeglass Parties in Canal Winchester for your contact lens exam and fitting today. Whether you play sports, work in a field that makes wearing glasses difficult, or simply want the option to use glasses as an accessory instead of a necessity, our contact lens services make the process fast and easy.

Eyeglass Parties Contact Lenses

Are Contact Lenses Right for You?

Identifying whether contact lenses are right for you is an important part of the process. Our team will work with you to identify any concerns or conditions that you have and we’ll discuss the implications of wearing contact lenses so you know exactly what to expect. We’re with you through this process every step of the way, from the initial consultation and exam through the experience of putting them in for the first time during your contact lens fitting.

Contact Lenses Fitting & Exam

Contact Lenses Fitting by Eyeglass Parties

When you choose Eyeglass Parties for your contact lens exam and fitting, you’re working with a team that truly values your health, safety, and satisfaction. We want you to love your new look and we do our best to take the stress out of the process. Our contact lens service includes:

Vision Test and Contact Lens Exam

Contact Lens Eye Exam by Eyeglass Parties

Our optometrist will evaluate your vision health to ensure your eyes are in good shape through a contact lens exam to identify whether or not contacts are a good fit for you. If so, we’ll accurately identify your prescription and any issues such as astigmatism, cataracts, or the need for multifocal lenses.

Contact Lenses Fitting & Instruction

Contact Lenses Instruction from Eyeglass Parties

Before your prescription is written, our team will give you a trial pair of lenses and sit with you to teach you how to wear them. During the process of teaching contact lens insertion and removal, we’ll answer any questions and make sure you have the technique down pat before sending you home with a pair to try before filling your order.

Specialty Contact Options

Specialty Contact Lenses from Eyeglass Parties

If you require specialty contact lenses, such as multifocal contact lenses or high astigmatism lenses, we have those options as well. Your optometrist will make recommendations during your exam to ensure you get the perfect pair for your vision needs. We also offer tinted contacts to accentuate your unique style.

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Call Eyeglass Parties today to schedule your eye exam with an optometrist today. We’ll get you in as soon as possible and we look forward to helping you see the world more clearly while embracing your unique individuality with prescription glasses that accentuate your style.

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