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Keep your eyes healthy and ensure an accurate prescription for your lenses by choosing the trusted optometrists at Eyeglass Parties in Canal Winchester. Our eye doctors have more than three decades of experience and work with children and adults, ensuring your entire family is well taken care of in every way.

Services for Contact Lenses at Eyeglass Parties

Complete Vision Care & Optometry Services

Whether this is your first visit and you need an eye exam or you have an eye condition that needs to be monitored, we’re the best team in the area. Our optometry center is fully outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment and our team is experienced in all aspects of vision care, from the prescription and fitting of glasses and contacts to glaucoma and dry eye treatment.


What You Can Expect From Us

Eyeglass Parties is proud to offer the best services and eye doctors near Columbus, OH. Our complete line of optometry services includes:

Vision Tests & Eye Exams

Routine Vision Tests and Medical Eye Exams

Our optometrist will evaluate your vision health to ensure your eyes are in good shape before identifying whether or not you need prescription glasses or contacts through an eye test. If so, we’ll accurately identify your prescription and any issues such as astigmatism, cataracts, or the need for multifocal lenses.

Eye Conditions/Diseases Management

Monitoring of Eye Conditions Related to Diseases Like Diabetes

If you have known eye conditions that are caused by an underlying health issue, it’s imperative to see our optometrist regularly to ensure the condition doesn’t worsen. We’ll monitor your eye health and make recommendations for treatment or referrals whenever necessary.

Glasses/Contacts Fittings

Prescription Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses

Once your prescription is written, our licensed optician will help you choose your frames and lenses and provide a fitting. Here, we’ll make sure your glasses fit you properly and feel comfortable. We also provide contact fitting for new users to ensure you understand how to properly insert and remove your contacts without damaging your eyes.

Dry Eyes/Glaucoma Management

Management and Treatment of Eye Conditions Like Dry Eyes and Glaucoma

Many eye conditions can be managed or treated without surgery and our eye doctors are equipped to handle them all. If you suffer from dry eyes, allergies, glaucoma, color blindness, or a range of other conditions, our optometry center is here for you.

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